How soon can I exercise after a cortisone injection in the shoulder?

Generally, an exercise regime is always advised after the cortisone shot reduces the pain and inflammation. Some surgeons advise that the shoulder be rested for a week at least before starting any protocol.

However, the best time to resume exercising or even begin exercising is multi-factorial. It would depend on your primary aetiology, age, overall health status, secondary medical problems, and most importantly, pain. 

Once you are comfortable to start exercising, gentle range of motion exercises can be started. 

Range of motion exercises to do after a cortisone shot in the shoulder;

  1. Flexion and extension range of motion exercises for the elbow, wrist, and fingers should be started. These can be started a day or two after your shot depending on your symptoms.
  2. Shoulder pendulum exercises.
  3. Active-assisted Shoulder flexion. This can either be done using your other arm or with the help of a stick.
  4. Similarly, Active-assisted Shoulder extension.
  5. Gentle scapular retractions.

Are you ready to start exercising your shoulder? Reflex: Shoulder Mobility App 

The Reflex App allows you to measure your shoulder’s range of motion and track pain. As your shoulder recovers from the cortisone shot, you can keep track of your pain levels and monitor your range of motion recovery. You can access gentle shoulder exercises in the app and move on to strength and mobility exercises as your shoulder heals.

Image shows iOS app for measuring shoulder range of motion after broken shoulder
Reflex is an iOS app that allows you to measure and track your shoulder’s range of motion. You can use Reflex to see how a cortisone shot affects the range of motion in your shoulder.



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