How painful is a cortisone shot in the shoulder?

During the shot

A cortisone shot in the shoulder is usually as painful as regular immunisation injections. The site of the injection and the size of the needle are two elements that can affect how painful a shot may be. It should come as no surprise that larger needles typically hurt more than smaller ones. However, your doctor might also apply an anaesthetic spray to numb the area of the shot where the needle will be inserted. Thus only some pressure is felt upon the insertion of the needle.

After the shot

The site of the shot may be tender and painful for a few days, similar to the after-effects of taking any jabs. Avoid any heavy lifting with the arm until the pain subsides. However, what is important is to monitor for signs of infection. Pain out of proportion, redness, swelling, and fever should all be immediately reported to your doctor.

Corticosteroid shots are used when shoulder pain is significant and has not reduced by over-the-counter medications. Although the injection may be uncomfortable, the treatment should be worth it to reduce pain and inflammation in the shoulder, so you can continue with your rehabilitation exercises effectively. 

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