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Reflex Health is here to help with your shoulder pain. Start your recovery by knowing the truth about your shoulder mobility.
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Shoulder Forward Flexion Range of Motion Measurement in Reflex Health app

1. Take your first measurement

Get to know your ROM

Like when you see a doctor or physical therapist, the first step is to measure and know your range of motion.

Set a benchmark for your next steps in recovering

Your first measurements will give you a benchmark of where you are today with your shoulder health.

How is my ROM measured?

Through your selfie camera on your iPhone or iPad. We'll guide you into position and tell you what to do and show you live on the screen your ROM.

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2. See your shoulder change over time

Compare your progress with accurate images

Stop wondering if your ROM is improving. See with side by side images what the changes are.

See if your treatments are working

Being able to see changes side by side is the best way to know if your exercises or treatments are working.

3. Measure and monitor to reach your goals

Measure how your sleep is impacted by your shoulder pain

Sleep is an important and yet over missed element in your shoulder recovery. Enter in your daily sleep stats to see how it effects your ROM.

Is the pain getting any better?

Monitor your pain levels daily or weekly to get an accurate picture of how your pain is changing.

Reach for the stars

Don't wait for each checkup to understand where you are today. Take control of your recovery and push for changes to reach your goals.
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Don't wait to understand your shoulder mobility

100s of people with shoulder injuries have found help

Not only had I not thought to take recordings of my range of motion (ROM) for comparison on my affected side (right), it’s also told me to be aware of some concerns on my non-affected side that I didn’t realize!


It’s really good to be able to track progress, gives you something to aim for. It would be like going on a diet without tracking your weight loss.


I like that in less than a minute I can do a quick comparison from start to most recent and that I can see the improvement percentage of all of them.


My patients love knowing their progress and if they're improving. Now they can with Reflex Health.


Frequently asked questions

How does the AI work to recognise my movements?

The app will ask for permission to use your camera. Once you start a measurement assessment the camera will recognise you and your shoulder. The App will highlight the shoulder that is being measured and you’ll be guided into position.

Where do I need to place my iPhone/iPad?

We recommend placing your device on a table leaning against a solid surface to keep it upright. You can place the device on the floor against a wall.

We highly recommend always using the same position/height for future measurements.

How long does it take to get measured?

It takes less than 5 minutes to do all the exercises and measurements.

Why should I measure my shoulder range of motion?

Maintaining good range of motion in the shoulder joint is essential for optimal function and avoiding injury. If you don’t use your shoulder joint’s full range of motion, you may be more likely to injure it. By regularly stretching and exercising your shoulder muscles, you can maintain good range of motion and reduce your risk of injury.

Furthermore, if you have an injury you are more likely to sustain a further injury due to the weakness of the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder. Recovery from shoulder injury will include regaining range of Motion through exercises and physiotherapy, and strengthening of the joint.

How can you maintain good range of motion in your shoulder joint?

You can maintain good range of motion in your shoulder joint by regularly stretching and exercising the muscles that support it. A combination of static and dynamic stretches, as well as strength-training exercises, is ideal. Regularly incorporating these activities into your routine will help to keep your shoulder joint healthy and prevent injury.

Take control of your shoulder recovery today!

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