How long does a cortisone shot last in the shoulder?

Studies have shown a significant improvement in outcomes for corticosteroid injections in the shoulder. The effects are significant at 4 to 6 and 12 to 16 weeks post intervention and may last as long as 24 to 26 weeks. 

That being said, patients’ responses to corticosteroid injections vary significantly. Patients with diabetes may find less relief from the corticosteroid injection as compared to non-diabetic patients. 

Another factor affecting the duration of the cortisone shot is the technique of delivery. It is currently unclear whether image-guided injections relieve shoulder pain more effectively than landmark-guided injections. More high-quality prospective studies are needed to define the role of ultrasound guidance.

Research has also found that combined corticosteroid injection and physiotherapy treatment may result in more significant improvements in SPADI score (a questionnaire used to measure shoulder function. Higher the score, better the function of the arm) and range of motion of the shoulder. 

This would make sense because the steroid simply reduces inflammation and helps with pain relief. If the primary cause of pain is muscle imbalance or weakness, it needs to be corrected.

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