Monitor your shoulder recovery

Measure and track the range of motion of your shoulder with just your mobile/desktop. All from the comfort of your own home.

Assess your shoulder in 5 minutes


Recover faster

Share progress and give new insights to your Doctor / PT / Physio to help you recover faster.
They'll make better informed decisions for your recovery based on accurate measures in Reflex Health.

Our AI will measure
your shoulder's range of motion accurately.

Using just the selfie camera of the iPhone or webcam, we can measure, record and track your shoulder range of motion.
Track your progress

Our charts let you see the progress you're making on each exercise.

Share progress with your PT / Physio / Doctor

We've made it easy to share results and videos with healthcare professionals helping you towards your recovery.

Track Pain Levels

Record the pain measure for every exercise and keep an eye on your recovery.

Measure Range of Motion

Accurately measure the range of motion all through the front facing camera on your device.

Share Progress

Share your results with your Doctor / PT / Physio, keeping them informed on your recovery.

Unlimited shoulder assessments, accessible from home, on the go or in clinic.

Reflex Health lets you take control of your shoulder injury recovery by understanding the mobility and pain of your shoulder through our app.

Reflex Health is a digital physio for measuring range of motion and tracking shoulder pain. That helps you understand your shoulder injury recovery.

Measure your shoulder's range of motion today for free

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