4 Exercises to Measure Your Shoulder Mobility



The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body. If you have shoulder pain, a shoulder injury or looking for a diagnosis, your medical professional will likely do the following exercises with you. 


The following exercises are available in the Reflex Health App on iOS. 



1. Flexion

Is an upgoing movement from the front side or the sagittal plane facilitated by the pectorals, anterior deltoid, coracobrachialis and weakly by the biceps. A normal mobility of this movement which we generally refer to the range of motion is generally about 180 degrees.



2. Extension

Is a backward going movement facilitated by the Latissimus dorsi a.k.a the largest back muscle in terms of surface area, posterior deltoid and the teres major. The normal range of motion is about 45 to 60 degrees.


3. Abduction

Is a sideways upgoing movement in the frontal plane brought about by the supraspinatus and the mid deltoid. The trapezius and serratus anterior act as a force couple which spin the scapula in an upward facing socket to give shoulder an overhead mobility. Though the range of motion for abduction is 180 degrees, the force couple is responsible for the range above the 90 degrees of elevation




 4. External Rotation-

The range of shoulder external rotation is one of the most important metrics in the field of general orthopedic and sports rehab, with varied conditions like frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, dislocation impacting this movement. A functional range of motion between 90 to 100 degrees, in comparison with the normal is considered normal.





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