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Take control of your shoulder care

  • Accurately measure your range of motion
  • Monitor pain
  • Track your progress
  • Recover faster
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Accurately measure your range of motion

Understand your shoulder mobility

8 exercises to measure mobility, all through your device's front-facing camera.

Less travelling to and from appointments

Assess yourself from the comfort of your home in less than 5 minutes.

Better informed care

Share your results with your doctor/pt/physio.

Shoulder Abduction Range of Motion Measurement

Track your recovery

See your data

Charts show how your range of motion is changing over time.

Monitor pain levels

Feel the difference as your range of motion improves.

Recover faster

Better informed care and accurate data help you recover faster.

Extension Progress

What people are saying!

My patients love know their progress and if they're improving.

Amazing app!
Tim BarssellottiPhysio

Reflex Health has helped me understand how I am progressing after my RC Tear. Thank you!


I've got frozen shoulder and Reflex Health has helped me monitor changes each week.

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